Considering Botox? Here’s how to do it right at 20, 30, and 40

Botox, which was once only for the very well off, is now an attainable procedure for everyone. It’s hailed for its quick results and for being a minimally invasive procedure.

Key takeaways:
There’s been a 750% increase in Botox injections since the year 2000, with many 20 and 30-year-olds going for Botox.
The procedure’s now seen as a preventative measure rather than a treatment by millennials and younger people.
Botox is recommended from as early as the mid-to-late 20s to reduce facial muscle over-expression and prevent wrinkles.

In your 40s: At this age, your skin is thinning more rapidly, meaning wrinkles are far more obvious. If you’ve not yet used Botox, your muscles have been contracting for a long time and you might have a few static wrinkles.

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