Nervous Patients

I’m terrified of visiting the dentist. Help!

If you’re scared of the dentist, you’re not alone. We deal with patients who range from nervous to outright terrified. Our understanding team are here to help you stay calm and look after your teeth.

How can you help me?

We’ll take the time to be patient and compassionate about your fears and make sure we provide lots of information and answers to your questions – often the fear of the unknown is the worst thing for patients. We’ve also made sure our surgery is a pleasant and calming place to be.

If you’re nervous, don’t be embarrassed, just tell us – we’re here to support you.

What about sedation?

In some cases, sedation is possible and we will talk you through your options at the consultation.


Why are people scared of the dentist?

People are scared of the dentist for many reasons – for some it may relate back to an experience they had when they were a child, others hate the sounds, whilst some people simply panic if they feel out of control.

Do you have any tips for nervous patients?

  • Tell us that you’re nervous – there’s no need to be embarrassed
  • Feel free to visit the surgery for a look around before you have any assessments or treatment – it can help
  • Book an appointment in the morning so you don’t end up worrying all day
  • Bring a friend with you to steady your nerves
  • Agree a sign with the dentist to show that you want them to stop. It will make you feel more in control
  • Bring an MP3 player to listen to music or an audiobook to take your mind off the treatment