Children’s Dentistry

Do you have experience treating children?

Absolutely! We have lots of young patients here at Widney Dental Care and we believe the younger that children’s teeth are looked after, the better.

We have plenty of experience of working with children, including nervous little ones and those who haven’t been to a dentist before.

What services do you offer for children?

We offer a full range of dental services for children, including routine oral health assessments, fillings, orthodontics and more.

Just as importantly, we offer lots of guidance and advice on diet and tooth cleaning so that your children have the best chance of growing up with the healthiest teeth possible.

How early should I take my child to the dentist?

It’s never too soon! Going to the dentist regularly from a young age is a good routine for your child to get into and certainly gives their teeth the best start in life.


How can I protect my child’s teeth?

Daily brushing, excellent oral hygiene and good tooth care are essential. We can give you lots of good advice on the right way to care for young teeth and help your child learn to brush.

Diet is of course another key factor and we can advise on that too. Keep sugary foods to a minimum, restricted to meal times, and choose milk or water over fizzy drinks.

When should I start brushing my child’s teeth?

As soon as teeth begin to come through, you should start brushing them. Special brushes and toothpastes for young mouths are available and we’re happy to advise further and demonstrate brushing techniques at the practice.

Is thumb-sucking bad for my child?

Sucking on your thumb is perfectly natural for infants, but should stop by age 2 or 4. If your child continues thumb sucking it can cause a variety of dental problems. Crowded, crooked teeth or bite problems can arise from the duration, amount of time, intensity and position of the thumb being sucked.