How to Brush Your Toddler’s Teeth When They’re Not into It

Tooth brushing is often a struggle for parents with toddlers. Parents should not give up since baby teeth are in need proper care.

Key takeaways:

  • Even though they eventually fall off, baby teeth are important for function and in guiding the permanent teeth into their positions.
  • Your children should brush with a proper toothbrush right after the first tooth appears to prevent oral health problems.
  • Tooth brushing time should be fun to ensure that baby complies with brushing at least twice every day. Kid toothpaste that contains fluoride should be used for brushing.
  • While you should brush twice a day, doing it before bed is most important, because while your tot is lying (generally) still, bacteria have a chance to grow undisturbed. And any sugar left in the mouth, from milk or food, gives bacteria an even better environment in which to grow.

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